In 2015, General Mills announced that they would be removing any remaining artificial flavors and colors from their cereals. To help spread the news, social media influencers were sent spice kits to share with their followers.


“We thought it'd be fun to share a bundle of the spices that inspire us on this journey. And we hope these will come in handy in your kitchen as you test, modify, and perfect the recipes you love in pursuit of making better foods.”

– General Mills Cereals Team


A Dash of Inspiration from General Mills Cereals

Packaging + Print

By June 2015, more than 60 percent of General Mills cereals were made without artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources. At that point, General Mills made a commitment to reach 100 percent over the next few years. Fruit and vegetable juice, spice extracts, and natural flavors were used to make the fun, delicious cereals consumers were asking for.

To help spread the news to a larger audience, General Mills partnered with social media influencers. Each influencer was sent a box of goodies—a letter from the president of General Mills Cereals, a note card with a handwritten message on the back, and a sampling of spices used in the updated cereal recipes. Icons were made to represent a variety of Big G cereals. Bright, happy colors were inspired by the enclosed spices and were selected to reflect positive change.


Agency: Studio MPLS
Lead Designer: Stephanie Hoogerwerf
Designer: Aaron Sather
Content Strategist: Shruti Acharya